Neha Thakur

Neha Thakur is one of the most prominent escort of our agency. Let’s share some of her images and interesting stories behind the client meeting in Amausi hotel rooms.


Some interesting stories of Neha Thakur

 All natural cutie Neha Thakur has a big crush on her neighbor friend Ajeet Gupta, so she strolls over to his place with a load of laundry. Ajeet is more than happy to let Neha use his washing machine, and boy does she ever: she strips down to her bra and enjoys the vibrations of the washing machine on her tight pussy. When Ajeet catches a glimpse of her big natural boobs he finally clues in and gives her the hard fucking she’s been aching for! But after regular intercourse one day Ajeet find difficult to manage this relationship. So he start ignoring Neha. This behavior of Ajeet makes her hurt and she start taking whisky. Her habbit makes her a daily heavy drinker. The shortage of money for her daily lifestyle and drinks, she decided to do some work through which she can earn and enjoy as well. So Neha one day meet Raman Arora, Raman was a decent guy running escort agency in Lucknow. From then Neha start working as Lucknow escort because she loves to get fucked daily as well as a good source of earning to maintain a expensive lifestyle with drinking habits.